Extra Days

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Families will be offered the opportunity to contract for Extra Days according to the following procedure.

First Option:
Extra Day Contract. Parents can contract at the beginning of the school year for Extra Days to be guaranteed a spot. No refunds will be given.
Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday—3 days
Monday­ – Friday— 5 days
Second Option
Extra Day First Come/First Served (FCFS) Enrollment
  • Extra Day FCFS Enrollment for a specific Extra Day will be accepted on a “first come/first served” basis.
  • Parents will be notified in late October for Extra Days FCFS enrollment for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday periods.
  • Parents will be notified on the first day back in January for the Extra Days FCFS enrollment of MLK Day and President’s Day.
  • Parents will be notified one month before for the Extra Days FCFS enrollment of Spring Break.
  • Extra Day FCFS Enrollments accepted will be determined by staffing availability and requests received. TLCLC reserves the right to cancel or limit the number of enrollments for any specific Extra Day
  • Payment for the Extra Day FCFS Enrollment is due with the enrollment form.
  • FCFS Extra Day Refund Policy: There will be no refunds if a child withdraws for a specific Extra Day and the payment has been processed.
Payments received for an Extra Day that has been cancelled by TLCLC will be refunded.